Indiana Carriage can provide a last journey for your loved one that will be remembered and cherished by family and friends. A glass enclosed hearse or open caisson will be pulled by a matching pair of black percherons and driven by an experienced professional dressed in appropriate funeral attire. The beauty and tradition of a horse drawn hearse will honor the memory of your loved one. Nothing can show your respect more than the slow dignified procession that a horse drawn funeral vehicle can provide. You can be assured of complete reliability, attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

In some instances, we can offer service from the funeral home or church to the cemetery, but most prefer to utilize our services from just inside the cemetary to the gravesite or mausoleum. This slow, stately procession gives an opportunity for calm reflection just prior to the farewell service. Family and friends may choose to walk behind the hearse or caisson.

We can work directly with the family or through your funeral director or veterans group. Either way, we will coordinate our services to help you offer an elegant and dignified final tribute.

For more information call Dave at 317-985-4796.